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The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant
by W.D. Wetherell
page 34-42
Matching (write the letter of your anwer on the line)

1. Lithe ___ A. Think deeply, often sadly
2. Surreptitiously ___ B. Limber; bending easily
3. Dubious ___ C. Restraint on one's natural impulse
4. Pensive ___ D. Skeptical, feeling doubt
5. Inhibition ___ E. Secretly or slyly

Short Answer:

1. Did you find this story funny, sad, romantic, or serious? Explain.

1. Who are the two main charaters and how old are they?

2. What time of year does this story take place?

Multiple Choice (circle the letter of your answer)

1. Why is fishing important to the narrarator?
A. He had a bad experience on a fishing trip as a child
B. One of his favorite things to do is fish.
C. Fishing was his father's favorite thing to do.
2. How old was W.D. Wetherell when he wrote his first short story?
A. Twenty
B. Thirteen
C. Nineteen
True Or False (write on the line "true" or "false")
1. _______ W.D. Wetherell was born in New Hampshire.
2. _______ Wetherell has two children.
3. _______ Mr. Wetherell has won many awards for his writing, including the O. Henry award for his fiction.

Organizing Information (fill in the boxes)

1. Fill in the chart below. (Use your book for help)

1. Setting______
Events Leading to the Climax


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